TH301 - Start Thinking Like a Game Designer: An Interactive Learning Experience

Thu, Jan 25 | 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM | 210DH

Session Description:
In games, players immediately take action, make meaningful decisions, and volunteer to spend more and more time finding treasures or defeating villains. Meanwhile, many corporate e-learning experiences are less than engaging. What instructional designers need to do is steal ideas, techniques, and methodologies from game designers and incorporate those ideas into our instructional design. This session will provide a model that can be followed by instructional designers as well as research-based recommendations for helping instructional designers think more like game designers. The result will be interactive and engaging instruction. This will be an intermediate-level session, and some knowledge of instructional design will be helpful. Also, bring your smartphone and devices, as you will be interacting with the content and voting on answer choices while this interactive adventure unfolds.

Application on the Job:
Create engaging instruction using game design techniques.
Apply five methods for thinking activity first, content second.
Explore how game designers engage players and immerse them in the game environment.

Type: Concurrent Session

Tracks: Serious Games and Simulations


Kapp, Karl

Karl Kapp


Bloomsburg University