W101 - E-Learning and the Science of Attention

Wed, Jan 24 | 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM | LL21DE

Session Description:
A number of myths persist about people's allegedly ever-shortening attention spans. Many arguments about the wonders of microlearning are predicated on this idea. But what does the science say? Neuroscience, behavioral economics, and consumer psychology all offer insights into how we manage and allocate attention. Additionally, our ability to manage attention and focus seems to be related to our abilities to allocate willpower and to influence how we make decisions. This session looks at what the current science says about how attention, willpower, and decision making interact, and how that influences the design of e-learning environments.

Application on the Job:
Better understand how learners allocate attention.

Design learning that engages participants and helps them stay focused.

Type: Concurrent Session

Tracks: E-Learning


Dirksen, Julie

Julie Dirksen

Instructional Designer

Usable Learning