W306 - Advanced Virtual Training: 20 Master Strategies

Wed, Jan 24 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM | 210AE

Session Description:
You've been delivering live online training for a while now, and you're confident you know the basics. You use all the features on a regular basis. But, you're bored. And the participants, although they are attentive and active, just aren't inspired or challenged. Is there anything more to this than using the features and getting participants to respond? Is it possible to engage virtual classroom learners in ways that help them to go beyond being informed, and become transformed? What could possibly be next? Join the speakers, two master virtual facilitators with more than 30 years of live online training experience between them, to learn 20 master strategies to advance your virtual classroom. They've compiled their most powerful tips, tricks, and practices that inspire them to lead engaging online learning sessions each day. You'll get a fresh perspective on using virtual classroom methods to engage your audience in ways you had not thought possible, regardless of which platform you use. You'll leave with ready-to-use strategies that can be immediately applied to your virtual training programs.

Application on the Job:
Identify the components of a basic, engaging virtual program to strengthen your foundation.
Use specific vocal strategies to set a tone that creates collaborative learning.
Apply thoughtful facilitation methods to invoke deeper participant response.

Type: Concurrent Session

Tracks: Virtual Classroom

Handout(s): Presentation, Presentation


LaBorie, Kassy

Kassy LaBorie

Principal Consultant

Kassy LaBorie Consulting, LLC.

Greenfield, Karen

Karen Greenfield

Director, SAP Learning2GO – Virtual Live Program