W112HOL - CANCELLED- Javascript for Online Learning

Wed, Jan 24 | 10:15 AM - 12:30 PM | LL21F

Session Description:
Do you keep bumping up against limitations of your authoring software? Do you have ideas you simply can't execute? Do you want to create best-in-class interactive experiences for your learners? It's time to add coding to your box of e-learning development tools. Going beyond the traditional slide and share metaphor of e-learning requires a knowledge of coding --- and the best language to learn now is Javascript. Javascript is easy to learn, flexible, and free. It can be used to code anything that happens in a web browser, but also can be used for mobile and even server-side coding. In this session, you'll code along with the facilitator as you learn the basics of Javascript and how it's applied to e-learning development. At the end of the session, you'll have developed a full e-learning application in Javascript. Future-proof your career by learning to code now.

Application on the Job:
Apply Javascript coding to write scripts within authoring systems.
Identify opportunities to use coding to produce complex e-learning interactions.

Type: Cancelled Event

Tracks: Platforms & Tools


Lassoff, Mark

Mark Lassoff

Founder and President

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