W310HOL - Augmented Reality 101

Wed, Jan 24 | 3:00 PM - 5:15 PM | LL20C

Session Description:
Augmented reality (AR) enhances the world you're in with supplementary visual information. In this session, you'll find out how you can begin creating augmented reality content right now. You'll learn how to leverage budget-friendly tools to develop your own simple augmented reality application. This session will help you create AR applications and give you a jumping-off point for building your AR development skills even further. Leave this session with the knowledge to plan, build, and share your project with your co-workers.

Application on the Job:
Plan a successful AR application for use in your existing training programs.
Explore the necessary components of a successful AR project.
Build simple AR applications without any time or money investments up front.

Type: Hands on Learning

Tracks: Emerging Technologies

Handout(s): Presentation


Richards, Debbie

Debbie Richards


Creative Interactive Ideas