W311HOL - Interactive E-Books for Mobile Learning

Wed, Jan 24 | 3:00 PM - 5:15 PM | LL21A

Session Description:
Are you looking for ways to begin leveraging mobile as a learning platform, but aren't sure that you have the programming skills needed? Could your job aids and manuals use audio, video, and other media to add value for your learners? In this session, you will create your own mobile project --- an interactive e-book. You will learn how to quickly deploy a simple, effective, multiscreen mobile learning solution. Using a basic design and development work flow, you will develop a media-rich EPUB, and make that file available to download directly to mobile devices.

Application on the Job:
Create content in an interactive, mobile-friendly format.
Improve the quality of performance support materials by adding appropriate interactive media.
Create native mobile content to support users who may not have consistent access to an Internet connection.

Type: Hands on Learning

Tracks: Mobile and Social

Handout(s): Presentation


Gilbert, Sarah

Sarah Gilbert


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