FR106 - UI/UX Design Patterns for Emergent Learning Technologies

Fri, Jan 26 | 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM | LL20A

Session Description:
Emerging technologies like augmented and virtual reality, the Internet of Things, machine learning, and chat bots are reshaping the way people learn while on the job. For people just getting started in creating using these tools, knowing how to craft easy, powerful solutions for your teams is a daunting task. In this session, the speakers will share their recipes for success in the form of easily reusable design patterns for some of these technologies. Specific examples of successful patterns, case studies for your review, and problems to avoid will be explored. Come prepared with a mindset that is open to envisioning advanced technologies in the workplace.

Application on the Job:
Explore learning applications for emergent technologies now making inroads into your work spaces.
Gain understanding of the concept of design patterns and see how to apply them to create solutions in new mediums.
Apply learned information to pilots, prototypes, advanced research strategies, and projects back at your organization.

Type: Concurrent Session

Tracks: Emerging Technologies


Udell, Chad

Chad Udell

Managing Director

Float Mobile Learning

Scronce, Evan

Evan Scronce

Director of Experience Design